Lights, Camera, Action

With BAs in Film and Theater I can be a little melodramatic.  I often envision myself starring in the grandest movie of all time.  This fascination started out small… presenting music videos to the basement mirror in junior high.  I can remember a particularly violent one to a Red Hot Chili Peppers song that involved me throwing the contents of the room around and looking moody in the dresser mirror.  Now, I simply think of my life as the movie.  I’ve added all sorts of climaxes and plot twists along the way.  In today’s chapter, there are hurried hugs goodbye and a mother laughing, embarrassed by her tears as our protagonist rounds the corner onto a moving walkway past dancing LED lights towards a journey far way.  There is a dramatic Grey’s Anatomy style soundtrack, it’s a wide-angle shot, and the camera is motionless as our leading man glides out of view.  It’s a little bit Up in the Air, part Garden State ending, and a touch Geico commercial

I achieved this effect with an iPod blasting some epic music and four trips back and forth between terminal’s C and D.  I probably could have gone on embracing this cinematic emotional journey in my head if I didn’t catch a glimpse of the “America Store” and this:

It got me thinking about what will inevitably be a major part of this blog and my journey – scrutinizing the differences between two nations.  For instance:  Will a grown man in New Zealand wear a velour track suite to the airport like the gentleman sitting across from me at terminal C23 did this morning?  And if they have a store called “New Zealand” at the airport in Auckland, what will the T-shirts say?

My plane ride to LA was five hours of blinding white, chasing the morning sun across the cloud-covered states below.  I did not have to worry about conversations with my seatmate because, as I awkwardly discovered, he was a deaf mute.  I am at LAX now, awaiting my long flight to Auckland this evening.  The next time I write, I will be down under.  Cue the music.

Until then…


3 thoughts on “Lights, Camera, Action

  1. “Don’t Blame Me, I Voted For McCain/Palin” T-shirt?!? Velour?!? I can see you squirming now… LOL This “supporting actress” misses the “leading man” already. Tell you what…I’ll make a quesadilla in your honor. Keep on bloggin’ so I can follow your New Zealand adventures. Have a safe flight to the far reaches of the world…


    Your sis, K

  2. Mark, OMG, you know I want one of these “Don’t Blame Me T-Shirts”!! I will look for an America store next travel trip. I am meeting up in NYC for the weekend with “Old Maho Ladies” in April. I am sure to find one. I am starting to get scared for you myself. I guess it is a mom thing that you will not understand. Good Travels, continue to share!!

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