Big Shots – Lake Mapourika

Later on this week…

MarkontheMap ventures north to the 2010 Wild Foods Festival:

“Like a beacon of hope for the squeamish soul, we saw the smoky still of fresh moonshine.  There’s nothing better than a shot of over-proof, backwoods moonshine squirt right down your esophagus to make eating worms sound like a good idea.”


One thought on “Big Shots – Lake Mapourika

  1. Mark, make sure you pour the moonshine into a spoon, light it with a match, and evaluate the flame before you drink it. If the flame is clear (you almost can’t see it (because it is so blue)) it is premium. If you see any yellow or the flame is visible, best not to partake!!

    Confucius sez, ‘he who try to find way in forest at night need long candle.’

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