Quickpost: My Own Private Paradise

This is why I travel… On tiny Rabbit Island, just twenty-five minutes from the Cambodian coast, there is a beach with twenty wooden bungalows that cost $4.00 a night.  There is no internet, no power, and no mirror.  What you get, is a mattress, a mosquito net, and a porch with a hammock.  The view is of perfectly perky palms on a banana curve beach that is aligned to capture blinding, golden sunsets.  The locals are lively fishing families that spend each day trawling their traps in the jewel-green water.  On this secret island oasis, there are three beaches of genuine National Geographic authenticity.  With no development, save the humble bungalows, this is the paradise you look for but seem never to find everywhere else.  Rabbit Island is the best-kept secret in Asia.


4 thoughts on “Quickpost: My Own Private Paradise

  1. yes, that’s why one travels to 3rd world countries, cheap and beautiful – looks like travelers paradise to me!

  2. Never made it to Rabbit Island but it sounds like a great escape from civilization. Did you stay there for a few days or just 1 night? No electricity and power for a long time is… quite shocking of a change? Was there atleast candles? What did you guys do when the sun went down? Go to sleep? Party around a campfire?

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