Kiwi Signs

I have an odd obsession with signs – I’ve been photographing them religiously ever since I arrived in NZ.  Perhaps, it is a fascination with how we use symbols to communicate with each other when words cannot.  Perhaps, I like the way these florescent signs look against the muted colors of New Zealand’s landscape.  Either way, I’ve found that the most dangerous warnings also the funniest.  Some signs are cute, others are horrific, and a few are paired with perplexing text.  So, as MarkontheMap prepares for some serious trekking and the subsequent South Island Roadtrip, we’ll call this a “bye-week” and take a look at some of the curious signs of Kiwi Land.


From here on out, things will be getting a lot more exciting!  Next week, I am away from the blog as I head deep into the Fiordlands on the southwest tip of New Zealand on the multi-day Milford Track (the so-called, “finest walk in the world”) from Te Anu into Milford Sound.  Upon my return to Franz Josef, I have one week to pack up my things before some serious road-tripping begins.  While I will miss this small town by the big glacier in the heart of the wet rainforest, I am anxious to get out of the West Coast and see what lies on the far side of the Southern Alps.  I’m not sure where I will be going (south to start), or how long I will be on the road (until I find another job?), but the true Kiwi adventure is about to begin.

Stay tuned…