What To Pack For A New Zealand Working Holiday

#10  Microfiber Towel

When you have to shower in the morning and be out of the hostel by 10:00, there is no time for your towel to dry.  A quick-drying, compact microfiber towel is the best solution

#9  Black Pants and Black Shoes

If you plan on working in New Zealand chances are you will need black pants.  Virtually every job requires them along with a pair of matching black shoes.   Be it serving, hotel work, or any other tourism related job you will need these two items.  Best to bring some with you because clothes are not cheap in New Zealand.

#8  Torch (aka flashlight)

For the hostel room or the camping trip, you will need a torch.  Bring a quality, compact light that you can slip in your pocket because you will be using this guy as often as you use a pen.

#7  Waterproof Bag

If your backpack itself is not waterproof, then you definitely want to make sure that you are carrying along a waterproof bag to store all of your valuables when you get caught out in the rain with no home in sight.

#6  Shell Jacket

New Zealand weather is absolutely unpredictable.  Several regions can experience both summer and winter temperatures in the same day.  A waterproof jacket with detachable layers is the ultimate tool for fighting the best of Mother Nature’s fury.

#5  Journal

Even if you don’t plan on documenting every moment of your working holiday, you will want to have a pen and paper handy at all times just to keep track of your nomadic life.  A journal is good to both track your days and plan your future escapes.  It’s also a good place to keep track of the people you meet along the way because you never know where you will need a place to sleep on your next trip.

#4  Lonely Planet

There are plenty of guides to New Zealand but none compare to the mammoth Lonely Planet New Zealand.  Comprehensive, informative, and at times hilariously direct, this Bible on New Zealand is the ultimate guide to the two islands for both on and off the beaten track.

#3  Power Converters

Electronic devises from home will not work in New Zealand unless you have a proper converter.  You will need at least two to keep your camera, ipod and laptop charged and if you plan on bringing any items with motors (ie: hair dryers or shavers) double check that it will work on a new power scheme.

#2  Skype

If you have not yet set up a skype account, now is the time.  The ultimate connection to your friends and family back home, Skype is the most affordable and intimate way to stay in touch while abroad.  To keep up with your new mates in New Zealand, bring an unlocked cell phone and pick up a sim card in Auckland.

#1  Cultural Item

Bring one item from home to whip out on a special occasion when you are feeling homesick – be it a box of your favorite food, a bottle of your home country’s liquor or something to share with your new international friends.  It’s always nice to have one goofy thing that you should have left behind, but will make you very happy one day when you are feeling 100,000 miles away from home.

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